From: Jessica <>
To: LSE <>
Subject: unknown binary, need your help
Attachments : executable1.ndh

Hello again,

Thank you very much for your help. It is amazing that our technical staff and
experts did not manage to recover any of it: the password sounds pretty weak.
I will notify our head of technical staff.

Anyway, I forwarded them the file for further investigation. Meanwhile, we got
fresh news from our mystery guy. He came along with an intersting binary file.
It just looks like an executable, but it is not ELF nor anything our experts
would happen to know or recognize. Some of them we quite impressed by your skills
and do think you may be able to succeed here. I attached the file, if you discover
anything, please send me an email entitled "Strange binary file".

This will be rewarded, as usual. By the way, your account has just been credited
with $100.


First binary of the contest, we just had cracked the rar of the first exercise, so we had the actual VM in C with its debugger. Waiting for the IDA plugin, we started looking at what it was doing with the disassembly given by the debugger.

The program was first printing a login prompt and then waiting for password input. Looking at the disassembly after entering the password, we easily figured out that it was doing a strlen of the password entered and checking it was 8 characters long.

It was then xoring each character one by one with something in memory and checking the value of the xor. Character by character, with the help of breakpoints in the debugger, We dumped the expected values and got the password: zApli8oW

Entering it in the service running on remote port 4001 gave the flag:

<PSP version="1.99">
Welcome on SciPad Protected Storage.

The most secure storage designed by Sciteek. This storage protocol
allows our users to share files in the cloud, in a dual way.

This daemon has been optimized for SciPad v1, running SciOS 16bits
with our brand new processor.
An unexpected error occured: PSP-UNK-ERR-001> application closed.

Easy one, but nice.