Last year we introduced the idea of doing a yearly week of talks to show the work we are doing here at the LSE, and also to introduce concepts we have been working on, or concepts we have encountered. As it was quite a success, we decided to go on with the idea.

This year, we have reserved 5 days, from Monday, 16th of July to Friday, 20th July. We have 15 talks scheduled which amounts for 14 hours.

One thing though is that these talks are going to be in french, however slides will be in english. Recordings should be available soon after the event.

More informations (in french, including a full abstract of each talk) are available on this page.

We are also putting a small crackme online (available here) for people who want some challenge.

Monday, 16th July

CSAT (Pierre-Marie de Rodat - 18h00 - 30mn)

The premise of an interactive disassembler aiming at being collaborative.

ARM architecture (Julien Frêche - 18h30 - 30mn)

Global overview and emulator writing.

Datameat (Victor Apercé - 19h00 - 1h)

Metadata oriented filesystem.

FrASM (Pierre-Marie de Rodat - 20h00 - 30mn)

An assembler writing framework.

Tuesday, 17th July

Video game console emulation (Pierre Bourdon & Nicolas Hureau - 18h00 - 1h30)

Implications and problems of emulating high performance hardware and cycle-accurate emulation.

Possible optimizations for an interpreter (Benoît Zanotti - 19h30 - 30mn)

What can be done? How will it impact performance? Prolog as an example.

Wednesday, 18th July

Routing protocol: BGP4 (Sylvain Laurent - 18h00 - 1h)

Introduction to BGP4 and its role in networks.

WTF is ACPI? (Ivan Delalande - 19h00 - 1h)

Global overview and implementation of an ACPI VM.

Forensics (Samuel Chevet - 20h00 - 1h)

Interest and tools.

Thursday, 19th July

Tutorial: Arduino development (Augustin Chéron - 18h00 - 1h)

Use cases, limitations and demonstration of the Arduino platform.

Tutorial: Exploitation techniques (Clément Rouault - 19h00 - 1h)

Examples and mitigation of software exploits.

Introduction to CTFs (Nicolas Hureau - 20h00 - 30mn)

Interest of participating in security contests and walkthrough of a few exercises.

Friday, 20th July

WPA2 enterprise and Wi-Fi security (Pierre Bourdon - 18h00 - 1h)

What is to be avoided when deploying Wi-Fi on a student campus.

Evolution of rootkits (Samuel Chevet - 19h00 - 1h)

Inner working, analysis and development of the major rootkits.

Crackme LSE Week (Pierre Bourdon - 20h00 - 30mn)

Making-of and solution of the LSE Week crackme.