It has been about three months since the 2012 edition of the LSE week, and we are happy because it was quite a success, having on average 57 people attending each talk.

Now is time to publish slides (in english) and videos (in french).

CSAT (Pierre-Marie de Rodat - 30mn)

The premise of an interactive disassembler aiming at being collaborative.


ARM architecture (Julien Frêche - 30mn)

Global overview and emulator writing.


Datameat (Victor Apercé - 1h)

Metadata oriented filesystem.


FrASM (Pierre-Marie de Rodat - 30mn)

An assembler writing framework.


Video game console emulation (Pierre Bourdon & Nicolas Hureau - 1h30)

Implications and problems of emulating high performance hardware and cycle-accurate emulation. slides

Possible optimizations for an interpreter (Benoît Zanotti - 30mn)

What can be done? How will it impact performance? Prolog as an example. slides

Routing protocol: BGP4 (Sylvain Laurent - 18h00 - 30mn)

Introduction to BGP4 and its role in networks. slides

WTF is ACPI? (Ivan Delalande - 1h)

Global overview and implementation of an ACPI VM. slides

Forensics (Samuel Chevet - 1h)

Interest and tools. slides

Tutorial: Arduino development (Augustin Chéron - 1h)

Use cases, limitations and demonstration of the Arduino platform. slides

Tutorial: Exploitation techniques (Clément Rouault - 1h)

Examples and mitigation of software exploits. slides

Introduction to CTFs (Nicolas Hureau - 1h)

Interest of participating in security contests and walkthrough of a few exercises. slides

WPA2 enterprise and Wi-Fi security (Pierre Bourdon - 1h)

What is to be avoided when deploying Wi-Fi on a student campus. slides

C!: Interface Implementation (Marwan Burelle - 30mn)


Evolution of rootkits (Samuel Chevet - 1h)

Inner working, analysis and development of the major rootkits. slides

Crackme LSE Week (Pierre Bourdon - 30mn)

Making-of and solution of the LSE Week crackme. slides