Here is the lightning talk program for the 1st April :

  • Portable Executable: Overview of the executables files on Windows. by Jérémy Lefaure
  • A first peek at asymmetric cryptography: The RSA cryptosystem. by Fabien Goncalves
  • Introduction to Register Transfer Level: a simple way to design synchronous digital circuits. by Pierre Surply
  • Analysing unknown data with python. by Rémi Audebert

Talks will start in amphi 4, at 19h30.

And here are the slides from last time :

  • Malloc Internals by Bruno Pujos - Slides
  • vsyscall/vDSO by Adrien Schildknecht - Slides
  • Qemu integrated testing: liqtest / libqos by Nassim Eddequiouaq - Slides